Steering Committee

Steering Committee

The Mansfield University Middle States Steering committee is hard at work to help Mansfield successfully navigate through the Middle States self study process. This committee consists of a broad representation of people from across campus. The people on this committee are dedicated to making Mansfield University the kind of place where students, faculty, and staff thrive. Please thank them for taking on this commitment the next time you see them.

Co – Chairs

Kathy Wright, 
Professor of Health Sciences 

Beverly Wallace
Director of Assessment, Institutional Effectiveness, and Compliance


Denise Berg
Director of Alumni Relations

Judith Brayer

Pamela Boyce
Administrative Assistant

Joy Patricia Burke
Associate Provost & Dean of Education, Graduate, and Professional Programs

Dia Carleton
Director of Human Resources

Charles Colby, 
Associate Vice President of Residence Life

Roger Johnson, 
Interim Associate Provost & Dean of Arts and Sciences

Clarence Lienhard, 
Professor of Mathematics

Dennis Miller, 
Director of Public Relations and Publications

Kelvin Morgan , 
Temperature Control Technician in Facilities

Nancy Sidell, 
Professor of Applied Socio-Behavioral Studies

Howard Smith

Matthew Syrett
Assistant Professor of Library Information Services

Curt Tofts, 

John Ulrich, 
Professor of English

Marcia West, 
Graduate Student

This group of dedicated people successfully assisted the campus in creating a self-study to show compliance with Middle States' fourteen standards.