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Mountie Minute Post

Attention 6/07/14 PRAXIS Test Takers . . .

Posted by Beth McClure for 6-4-14

PRAXIS Cell Phone Policy

Examinees are not permitted to bring cell phones, smartphones (e.g., BlackBerry® or iPhone® devices), PDAs and other electronic or photographic devices into the test center
. If examinees bring cell phones into the test center and then have to leave to store them in their vehicles, they must be back before the doors to the test center are closed. Once the doors to the test center are closed, no one will be admitted, even if they have already been in the test center and left to store their cell phone. If examinees are dropped off, they must not have their cell phones in their possession. If they do, they will not be admitted to the test. If an examinee is found to have a cell phone in their possession or found using one before, during or after the test inside of the test center, they are to be dismissed immediately from the test center. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY.


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