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Seeking 2014-2015 IMPACT Mentors (faculty / staff / seniors / GA's)

Posted by Ruth Hermansen for 5-4-14

Greetings from the Office of Retention within the division of Student Life. The 2014-2015 academic year will bring about the third annual IMPACT mentoring program. The program matches volunteer faculty, staff, senior students, and graduate assistant volunteer mentors with volunteer / self-selected first-year students. This current year featured 75 pairings for the program. We are always looking for dedicated returning mentors, along with new faces to add within the program. The fall 2014 anticipated incoming first-year students are being recruited for the program, and it would be spectacular to get early commitments from volunteer mentors such as yourself and / or someone you know! If you are interested in committing or knowing more about this extremely worthwhile program, please kindly contact Ruth Hermansen at We would ideally like to have your commitment before the end of this current academic semester. Please consider volunteering minimal time and your wonderful talents to make an IMPACT in the life of a first-year student!


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