Mountie Minute Post

Mountie Minute Post

Planned wireless updates

Posted by Alan Johnson for 6-6-14

Campus Technologies is revamping our wireless network connection methods to alleviate some configuration issues with newer devices.

The “Mansfield” and “MountieWireless” SSIDs will be replaced with “GoMounties” and “OnRamp”.    The OnRamp SSID has an automated process to configure most devices for the GoMounties network.   The most common and popular services and protocols are supported through GoMounties, but it will require that you authenticate through SafeConnect. This will require your userid and password for staff/faculty, and your campus services ID and password for students.

SafeConnect is in place to help maintain a safe and secure network. Windows devices will require the installation of a client called the Policy Key.  The Policy Key ensures that the machine is kept up-to-date with patches and anti-virus definitions.  MacOSX devices will also require a policy key that enforces similar rules, including anti-virus being installed and updated.  We have seen a considerable rise in dangerous malware on MacOSX devices, and this requirement has proven to be warranted.  Campus Technologies recommends Sophos “Antivirus for Mac” for home users.

We’ve tested these networks for several months in the Residence Halls and have found the vast majority of devices are able to connect and use the internet. We will be implementing these changes through individual buildings, one at a time, as the summer progresses.

Please contact the helpdesk at 570-662-4357 with any questions or concerns.


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