Mountie Minute Post

Mountie Minute Post

SECA Campaign

Posted by Kristina Wood for 10-12-17

If you’re considering participating in SECA for the first time, there may be questions you are asking yourself.  What charities should I give to? Should I spread my donation over a year through payroll deductions or give all at once?  How much should I give?

The amount you give is a personal choice, and every dollar makes a difference.  For instance, just $1 a pay can provide:

  • 5 blankets for people who lost everything in a fire
  • 2 mosquito nets to protect children from deadly malaria
  • Protection of more than 6 acres of rainforest
  • 1,000 printed hotline cards for domestic violence services
  • Anti-seizure medicine for a child for 3 months

View more examples of what $1 a pay can accomplish or visit the State System SECA website to learn more. Sowing just a few seeds of compassion will lead to a harvest of hope for those served by SECA charities!


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