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Mountie Minute Post

Stop The Flu! - Quick Reminders...

Posted by Jim Welch for 2-13-18

Stop The Flu! - Quick Reminders...

It is the Flu season...Take some basic precautions to prevent the spread of the Flu virus.

  • If your sick stay home - Rest, Fluids & Pain/Fever Reducers – Communicate with Faculty and Students

  • Cover your Nose and Mouth when coughing and/or sneezing – Keep Tissues Available

  • Wash Your hands - Use Soap and water frequently. Use Alcohol based hand sanitizers when soap and water is not available

  • Avoid touching your eye, nose & mouth.  - These are the quickest route for infection.

  • Disinfect "High Touch areas" (Faucets, door knobs, light switches, appliances) – Disinfectant Wipes work great!

  • Stay healthy - Exercise regularly, eat healthy & get plenty of rest!

    Remember the MU Health Clinic on the ground floor of Spruce is open to all students.

    Call – 570-662-4350 for appointments

    For more information -

    Questions?  Contact the MU Safety Office - 570-662-4906 or


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