Conferences & Programs

Conferences & Programs

Student Conferences

Student Leadership Development Institution 

(Lancaster County Convention Center, Lancaster, PA)                                       

Pennsylvania Black Conference on High Education, Inc. sponsors the annual two-day leadership conference to offer students the opportunity to develop personal and professional leadership skills. In addition to workshops/sessions, and panel discussions, guest speakers present keynote addresses at luncheons and banquets. In addition to providing an opportunity for the development of future leaders, students who are active campus leaders have a forum to exchange ideas and to network with each other as well as Administrators and Faculty. The institute was founded in October 1987.

Pennsylvania Black Conference on Higher Education Annual Conference

Professional conference for professionals and Graduate students.  The conference focuses on the status of students of color in higher education institutions in Pennsylvania as well as secondary education issues.  The global initiative sponsored by the conference include an annual contribution to the Zebilla Technical Secondary School in the northern part of Ghana.  A three-day conference that focuses on issues that affect academic professionals and graduate students. The primary goal of the conference is to provide training and presentation opportunities for the personal and professional advancement of the underrepresented populations in higher education.

Intercultural Relations Conference (March)

A two-day mini conference opened to the public and students from other schools. Presenters are primarily from the Mansfield University community including Faculty, Staff and student organizations. A performance or guest presenter is featured at a Friday evening banquet and/or a Saturday luncheon to give the regional community an opportunity to attend the conference. Public school teachers may also earn Act 48 credits or continuing education units (CEUs).

Social Justice Retreats

PALOMA    Harrisburg Area Community College

A one-day conference of innovative, informative and interactive workshops lead by multicultural affairs professionals in higher education within the state of Pennsylvania focused on how we as college students and administrators can help to break the double standards and status quo that exists within our society.

SANKOFA Bloomsburg University

 A one-day collaborative retreat planned by students and faculty from five different Universities who come together for presentations and workshops that provides professional development, support, training, and the exchange of best practices in the field.  

UMOJA/UNIDAD         Shippensburg University

The purpose of this conference is to promote unity by bringing college students together from all different backgrounds and dialoguing about relevant issues that students are experiencing today. A full weekend of events; Workshops, Fashion Show, After-Party, Stomp Fest and Step-Show are generally a part of this event

Operation Ambition      Mansfield University

A one-day collaborative Leadership retreat planned by MU students, which offers motivational speakers, workshops, faculty and student presentations, food and entertainment.

Multicultural Programs

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration 

Hispanic culture is celebrated by Poster and Bulletin board displays on the 3rd floor of Alumni Hall.  Artifacts and crafts from different Latin American countries are showcased in the Martin Luther King Jr. Center. Speakers are invited to bring awareness of Hispanic Heritage and Latin Culture.  Panel discussions are also held with student representatives focusing on the university experience and current Latino issues.

Annual Multicultural Enrichment Fall Break Trip

Is an educational "bridge" building experience which allows students of different backgrounds to spend time together on a 3 day/2 night excursion which is co-sponsored by the International Student Organization.

Guided City Tour

Guided City Tour

 Japanese House Tour

Japanese House Tour

The hotel is in a centrally located area to make it easier for students to explore the city during the evenings.  The Mansfield International Students Organization (MISO) sponsors this event with the Director of Multicultural Affairs.  Designated cities are voted on in the Spring for planning purposes. 

Student with Shaq

Student with Shaq

Museum Exhibit

Museum Exhibit

 Trip registration fee include: accommodations (up to four persons per room), two group dinners, city tour, and admission to museums, amusement parks, or other activity decided by group vote.

KWANZAA Celebration (last day of fall classes)

Is a collaboration with the Martin Luther King Center and the Black Student Union to celebrate the African American holiday based on the traditions surrounding the Swahili phrase "Kwanzaa," which means "first fruits of the harvest.

International Students Forums and Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions are held focusing on various international issues given by International Students. World topics are selected and students share their views on the issues.  Discussions are interactive and designed to engage audience participation, questions, and comments.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration

Annual observance of the work and struggle of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his leadership of the Non-Violent Civil Rights Movement.  The program features music, poetry, and reflection. Guest speakers are chosen from the campus community.

I Am But a Small Voice 2008 Festival

International Student Spring Festival

Is hosted by the International Student Organization and designed to share their culture with the Mansfield campus and community. The festival includes cultural music, food and student performed entertainment.

Multicultural Student Recognition Program

Is a collaboration with the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Black Student Union to sponsor the Annual Recognition Banquet that recognizes graduating seniors for their service to the campus community.

Conversation for Diversity Grant Program

Seeks funding proposals from faculty members that will support them in providing educational, inspirational and creative ways to challenge stereotypes, enhance multicultural consciousness, and improve self-awareness and increase sensitivity on campus and in the community.

International Education Week

Is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange. This is a chance to embrace the uniqueness of nations around the world as well as their similarities in order to better understand how to work together. The activities for this week include literacy day projects, film festival, exhibitions highlighting importance of international education and study abroad program.

Passport to the Mansfield Creed Program

is designed to be a creative physical document to encourage students to record their intellectual curricular and interpersonal co-curricular activities in regard to character, scholarship, culture, service, diversity, leadership and wellness. Each academic advisor is encouraged to monitor the progress of their advisees and make recommendations for acknowledgements and awards to be given to those students that complete the Passport over the course of their undergraduate program.

Community Connections Program

Is an Office of Multicultural Affairs partnership that supports campus/community gatherings where members of Mansfield International Student Organization prepare foods from different regions and give brief presentations to increase cultural awareness about the food and the countries represented.  

Cultural Heritage Celebrations

Cultural Heritage awareness such as Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, Women's History Month, Indigenous People and others. This is featured by bulletin board displays, artifacts, pictures, and crafts showcased in the Martin Luther King Jr. Center. Speakers are invited to give presentations and panel discussions are held with faculty, staff, and student panelists sharing information on their ancestral history or family background.