Careers in Dietetics

Careers in Dietetics

There are a variety of career opportunities for graduates of the Nutrition and Dietetics Program at Mansfield University. Graduates are currently working as clinical dietitians in hospitals and long-term care facilities; as managerial dietitians in food service and clinical nutrition management positions; as community nutritionists in outpatient clinics for health care companies and physicians' offices, at Women, Infants and Children clinics, in community fitness programs; as private practice dietitians and consultants; and as educators and researchers.

Nutrition and Dietetics ProgramThe jobs mentioned above are only a sample of the potential careers open to students who major in Nutrition and Dietetics at Mansfield University. Other career options include:

  • Clinical dietitian in hospital, HMO, or other health care facility
  • Consulting dietitian
  • Dietitian in a nursing home
  • Community dietitian with the Women, Infants and Children Program
  • Public health dietitian
  • Dietetic educator
  • Researcher with food or pharmaceutical companies
  • Researcher in a University or hospital setting
  • Sports nutritionist with fitness teams or corporate wellness programs
  • Pharmaceutical sales representative
  • Consumer affairs in food and nutrition related businesses
  • Public relations in food and nutrition related businesses
  • Product development in food and nutrition related businesses
  • Private practice dietitian
  • Food service director in a hospital, or other health care facility
  • School food service director
  • Day-care food service director
  • Correctional facility food service director
  • Caterer
  • Peace Corps worker
  • Cooperative extension agent
  • Food buyer or distributor
  • Food and drug inspector

Please note this list is only a sample of the job possibilities for program graduates. Some jobs listed above may require additional education.

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