Nutrition Minor

Nutrition Minor

The nutrition minor provides the student with a strong background in nutrition as related to the student’s field of study. The minor is especially suited to students in health care fields other than nutrition, students who wish to work with eating disordered individuals, future educators and coaches, future journalists, and anyone else who may need a strong background in nutrition.

Program Objectives:

  • Promote nutrition knowledge among non-nutrition majors
  • Promote basic knowledge of foods among non-nutrition majors

  • Program Learning Outcomes:

    Students are able to

  • Apply professional guidelines to a practice scenario
  • Use the nutrition care process to make decisions, to identify nutrient related problems, and determine and evaluate nutrition interventions.
  • Develop food and nutrient interventions to affect change and enhance wellness in diverse individuals and groups
  • Develop an educational session or program / educational strategy for a target population

  • 18 S.H.
     Program Requirements

    NTR 2211 Introduction to Nutrition
    NTR 3305 Principles of Food Science 
    NTR 3314 Lifecycle Nutrition 

    Select one from
    NTR 2220 Nutrition and Exercise 
    NTR 3300 Cultural Nutrition 
    NTR 3316 Community Nutrition 

    Select two from:  
    NTR 3325 Counseling and Health Education
    NTR 3330 Sports Nutrition 
    NTR 4401 Medical Nutrition Therapy I 
    NTR 4402 Medical Nutrition Therapy II 
    NTR 4417 Advanced Nutrition 
    NTR 4420 Nutrition Research Seminar