Nutrition Degree (Sports Nutrition Concentration)

Nutrition Degree (Sports Nutrition Concentration)

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Sports nutrition is a rapidly growing field of study. Careers in sports nutrition lead to work with individuals and groups who are healthy, active and highly competitive or are seeking to develop or rebuild an active, healthy lifestyle.

The sports nutrition concentration is designed for students who seek graduate studies in related fields or who wish to prepare for careers in corporate wellness centers, fitness centers, and university and commercial athletic teams.

Individuals who hope to become Registered Dietitians must complete the dietetics concentration or take additional courses that will qualify them to apply for a post-baccalaureate internship.

The Mansfield University Nutrition program endeavors to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and with University Policies regarding students with disabilities. Every effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodation for qualified students with disabilities who are able to perform the essential functions of our academic program in Nutrition. 

Students who are accepted into the program, and then discovered to be unable to perform these essential functions (with or without accommodation) may not be able to complete the program. 

Graduates who complete the program but are unable to perform certain competencies may experience significant roadblocks to, and in, the employment setting.

Degree Requirements: Nutrition

Core Courses:

NTR 2211*  Introduction to Nutrition 3
NTR 3305 Principles of Food Science 3
NTR 3314 Life Cycle Nutrition 3
NTR 3316 Community Nutrition 3
NTR 3325 Nutrition Counseling and Education 3
NTR 4420 Nutrition Research Seminar 3
NTR 4417 Advanced Nutrition 3
Total semester hours for core 21

Nutrition: Sports Nutrition (B.S.): 120 s.h.

The Sports Nutrition Concentration is for students considering careers in sports or fitness. Additional courses are required for those who wish to become registered dietitians.

Required Courses:

NTR 3330 Sports Nutrition 3
NTR xxxx Choice 3
HPE 3360 Kinesiology 3
HPE 3370 Physiology of Exercise 3
BSC 1121* Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BSC 1122* Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
CHM 1101* Introduction to Chemistry 4
CHM 1102* Organic and Biochemistry 4
CHM 2201 Introduction to Biochemistry 4
MA 1125* Introductory Statistics I 3
Total Semester Hours for Concentration: 35
Total Semester Hours for the major (Core plus Concentration): 56

Sample Schedule

First Semester Credits   Second Semester Credits
CHM 1101 Intro. to Chem* 4   CHM 1102 Organic and Biochem** 4
COM 1101 Communication 3   ENG 1112 Composition I 3
NTR 2211 Intro to Nutrition 3   NTR 3305 Principles of Food Science** 3
FYS 1100 Freshman Seminar
3   MA 1125 Intro to Statistics 3
General Education
3   General Education 3
Total 16   Total 16

Third Semester     Fourth Semester  
BSC 1121 Hum Anat & Phys I * 4   BSC 1122 Hum Anat & Phys II** 4
NTR 3314 Life Cycle Nutrition* 3   NTR 3316 Community Nutrition** 3
General Education
3   HPE 3360 Kinesiology
6   General Education 6

Total 16   Total 16

Fifth Semester     Sixth Semester  
CHM 2201 Introduction to Biochemistry* 4   NTR 4417 Advanced Nutrition** 3
HPE 3370 Physiology Exercise 3   ACC 1110 Principles of Accounting
NTR 3325 CHE Counseling & Ed*
3  Electives9
Electives 6      
Total 16   Total 15

Seventh Semester     Eighth Semester  
NTR 3330 Sports Nutrition* 3   NTR 4420 Nutrition Research Seminar** 3
ENG 3313 Composition II 3   General Education
General Education
3   Electives 3
Electives 4      
Total 13   Total 12

* Fall only class
** Spring only class