Welcome to the Mansfield University One Card Official Website

Welcome to the Mansfield University One Card Official Website

  • You can now pay your parking fines and parking permits with Mountie Money.
  • Look for our new off campus merchants accepting Mountie Money.
  • Check out the security page for instructions and information on the new residence halls door access.
  • Look for our increased vending machines now accepting Mountie Money.

The One Card office is to provide the entire university community with a convenient form of identification and a comprehensive one card solution to a variety of university systems and services.

Our office will strive to deliver a convenient, efficient, and secure system that will integrate the multiple aspects of university life and satisfy the information and business needs of service providers.

Our goal is to seek new, expanded uses of the card through improved technologies and provide support to ensure a unified approach to accomplish university missions. Our staff is committed to promoting customer satisfaction and student success in all areas of operation.

The Mansfield One Card is the Official Mansfield University ID card. In addition to identifying your affiliation to Mansfield University, the card provides access to:

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