Mountie Money

Mountie Money

Student ID card

Mountie Money is your most flexible spending account on, and eventually off, campus.

Mountie Money acts just like a debit account. 

You can deposit money onto your One Card with cash or check at the CCSI office in Alumni Hall, or with cash or credit card at the PHIL station at the entrance to the Alumni Hall.

You can add electronic deposits with a MasterCard, Visa, or Discover anytime online through the One Card Portal.

Mountie Money will NEVER expire. 

Unlike your *Flex account, Mountie Money is always good!


* Flex dining funds included with your meal plan and those subsequently added to your One-Card account can only be used for food purchases at one of our dining contractor locations. University flex policy states “Unused flex dollars are carried over from fall to spring semester. Unused flex dollars at the close of the spring semester are forfeited."