A journey of self-discovery...

A journey of self-discovery...

This program is currently in moratorium for review purposes.  The program is not accepting new students at this time.

A leader is a group's choice to accept an individual to serve as the personification of that group's ideal of itself, to be the focal point of its shared ambition, and coordinate individual action.

To meet the emerging challenges in an ever-increasingly complex world, people are looking for socially responsible leadership that can create and guide teams that achieve what no individual or group of individuals can accomplish alone. Everyone at all levels of organizational hierarchy require skill and knowledge in the dynamics of leadership. Who is identified and accepted as a leader by a group is compliment of fit in terms of technical and social skills that are marginally more than the group. The leader sees the details in the big picture and offers a hope stirring vision of a desired tomorrow. The leader is technically competent. The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania proposes that managerial competence is the technical skill to be mastered. The leader is socially intelligent and socially competent. The MA: ORL at MU is an online program offering a journey of self-discovery in which aspiring leaders are introduced and challenge to become proficient at the technical and social skills of leadership while discovering who they are; what they are capable of; and how far they are willing to go.

The journey is exposure to classic and current ideas and opinions by both practitioners and scholars across a range of disciplines, practical application of those ideas and opinions on the job, discussion, and reflection. As one progresses through the program one accumulates a small library to guide future practice as a leader. This library will contain Drucker, Mintzberg, Eisler, Campbell, Senge, Greene, Jung, Jaynes, Toffler, Jacques, Barnard, Alinksy, Carver, Goleman, Kouzes and Posner, Argyris, Machiavelli, Kahneman, and more. As well, you will be exposed to leadership scholars such as and like Barker, Bass, Burnes, Gemmill, and Rost. The journey will challenge you to explore the world around you, globally and locally, as well as your psyche. You will be invited to complete assessments intended on facilitating your personal awareness and growth. Upon completion of the program you will have a personal leadership philosophy expressing your vision, values, and conduct. It is in knowing who you are, what you are capable of, and what you are willing to do that one knows who they are as a leader. More importantly, in knowing that, others will know it too and are more likely to see and accept you as a leader.

Education is an investment in oneself and one’s future. A sound investment considers both the financial commitment and the character and caliber of the institution. Compare the financial commitment of the Organizational Leadership program at Mansfield University with other offerings to discern more than affordability; discern value.