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Selecting a college is a major decision. And while students and their parents often ask many of the same questions of a prospective college, we know that parents have some questions of their own. If your son or daughter is seriously considering Mansfield University, then you're probably eager to dig a little deeper and learn more about what life is really like for a student at Mansfield. We'd like to help you on your quest to learn more—we're confident that the more you know, the more pleased you'll be that your son or daughter is interested in Mansfield.

What measures does Mansfield take to keep the campus safe?

Mansfield University takes the safety of its students very seriously. There are eleven commissioned police officers and the department operates 24 hours per day and 365 days per year. The residence halls are locked all day, every day of the year and you will need your ‘one-card’ to access the outside door to your residence hall. There are safety escort services available and 16 emergency blue lights located throughout the campus. For more information regarding safety at Mansfield, please visit the Police Services & Safety webpage

Can I find out about Mansfield’s safety record?

Safety of the campus and community are very important aspects of choosing a college. For more information, please view the Annual Security & Fire Safety Report and Crime Statistics.

Concerned about drug and alcohol abuse?

At Mansfield, we do everything we can to provide a safe learning environment where alcohol and drugs don’t interfere with the life of our University community. Alcoholic beverages (as well as drugs and controlled substances prohibited by law) are strictly off-limits in the residence halls or anywhere on campus. The university has a comprehensive drug and alcohol education program that begins during the new student orientation program prior to starting school. The staff is trained to identify students with potential problems and is made aware of referral resources on campus. See our Website regarding drug and alcohol education.

I’m concerned that my student won’t eat well. What kinds of food are served in Manser Hall?

The Dining Services of Mansfield University has worked hard to design a meal program guaranteed to meet individual needs. Students have plenty on their minds: classes, sports, clubs, community service etc., so we've made it our goal to make sure that they won't have to worry about finding something great to eat when they want it. Manser Hall offers an excellent selection of different foods that aims to satisfy everyone’s eating habits. There are also other dining areas throughout campus. Places such as the Lower Manser Food Court and Jazzman’s Café offer excellent alternatives to the main dining area in Manser Hall. For more information on dining options at Mansfield University, please visit the Dining Services website

If a student lives on campus, is a meal plan required?

All resident students are required to purchase a meal plan. There are several choices of meal plans available. Students can choose a meal plan offering 19, 14, or 10 meals per week that all include $200 flex. Students also have the opportunity to select a 175 meal block which included $200 flex. For more information on meal plans, please visit the Dining Service’s Meal Plans website

Will someone help my student choose classes?

Students will receive assistance from their Faculty Advisor when selecting courses for each semester. The only exception is for the students’ first semester when their class schedule is pre-selected based on their academic program of study. The first semester schedule is distributed to each student at the mandatory new student orientation programs.

Are there tutoring services available for all students?

There are tutors available for all courses for any student. Tutors must have previously completed the same course with at least a B+ or higher final grade. Tutors are free of charge to the students and are excellent ways of getting the extra help needed in order to improve grades and overall grade point averages. Visit the Learning Center webpage.

What kinds of activities are available for my student?

Mansfield University offers over 120 different clubs and organizations. There is definitely something for everyone! Some examples of activities and clubs are as follows: Student Government Association (SGA), Mansfield Activities Council (MAC), Ski and Snowboarding Club, Psychology Club, Biology Club, Aquaculture Club, NCAA Division II Athletics, Intramural Sports, Fraternities and Sororities, Comedy Night at the Hut, Concerts, Theatre Productions, Mountie Guides, and many, many, more!

It’s very easy to get involved in clubs and organizations and it helps students to meet new people and helps to make the college experience more complete. For more information regarding student activities and organizations, please visit the Mansfield University Student Activities webpage

What type of counseling services is available for students?

Mansfield University provides services covering a wide range of issues and tailors each student’s counseling experience to his or her individual needs. Services are delivered through a wide range of different approaches depending on the situation. Mansfield University’s Counseling Center has helped students cope more efficiently in many different areas including: stress, performance anxiety, depression, homesickness, learning disabilities, eating disorders, and many other areas as well. For more information, please visit the counseling center’s webpage

Are students required to bring a computer to campus?

No. Students are NOT required to bring a computer to campus. Mansfield University has many different computer labs throughout campus that are available for student use. Also, students can utilize laptop computers in North Hall library if they choose. Of course, students are more than welcome to bring their own computer if they wish!

Just how "co-ed" is the dorms?

All of the residence halls are considered “co-ed”. However, each floor is designated for a single gender and each floor alternates genders. For instance, if the first floor of Maple Manor is occupied by women, then, the second floor would most likely be occupied by men and so on and so forth. In Laurel Hall, an entire wing of the building is designated for female residents only.

Is there public transportation to and from Mansfield?

There is public bus transportation to and from Mansfield. The bus stop is conveniently located just two short blocks from campus. Please visit the following website to check on bus schedules: http://www.susquehannabus.com/. Also, Mansfield University coordinates charter buses for students to travel to Philadelphia and return during breaks from classes such as Spring Break and Fall Break.

How to Know if Mansfield University is the Right Choice?

After all the campus and Website visits, and much serious weighing of options, students and their families almost always select the “right” school. Over the years, we’ve come to appreciate that students have a certain radar for identifying a college that will work best for them and with them. Basically is it a good fit? Such criteria as location, major, size, extra-curricular activities, internships, study abroad all play a part, but it really comes down to…does the campus feel comfortable to them? If Mansfield is on your son or daughter’s radar, we couldn’t be happier. When your child commits to Mansfield, we make a commitment too—to provide an excellent education, extensive opportunity for leadership development, preparation for a satisfying career, and a lot of serious hard work and fun along the way.