Funding Requests

Funding Requests


studentsApplication for Funding Requests

Purpose: To encourage and support projects, workshops, seminars and other special projects intended to increase the awareness and educational levels of all members of the campus community in addition to the criteria below. Although it is expected that any groups submitting a request will consist largely of one constituency, the group may include administrators, other professional staff members and/or students. We encourage the collaborative effort of the campus community.

Eligibility: University organizations, groups, individuals are eligible to apply for funds through the PCSW. All proposed activities should be relevant for members of the campus community including administrators, faculty, staff and students.

Requests will be evaluated by the Commission in terms of the following guidelines:

  1. Extent and significance of potential impact of the activity in terms of its value to the women of the University.
  2. Relevance to the PCSW's current priorities and long range plans.
  3. Plans for sharing the results of the activity with members of the PCSW and other women on campus, i.e. a written report to the commission.

Procedure: Budget requests will be considered at business meetings of the PCSW. Requests must be submitted in writing to the Commission's Chair. Our name, The President’s Commission on the Status of Women, should appear on posters or flyers advertising the event. A written report must be submitted to the PCSW following the conclusion of the activity stating how many individuals were served, sharing any comments from the group and how the monies were expended.

studentsFunding for Activities: The maximum amount to be awarded for any one activity is up to 50% of the cost of the event or up to a maximum award of $500.

Funding for Travel: Representatives of the PCSW will be supported in travel to statewide commission or consortium or like meetings to an amount (based on conference fees and expected expenses) decided on by the members of the PCSW at a business meeting. Travel to conferences or events focusing on women's issues by non-commission members may be supported by the PCSW, which will fund up to the maximum amount of $250.

Materials & equipment: Campus organizations or offices purchasing materials or equipment which can be shown to benefit the women of the university may be funded up to an amount determined by members of the PCSW at a business meeting.