What Can I Study?

What Can I Study?

StudentsMany students transfer into our philosophy program when they take an introductory course and find out how exciting and challenging the world of ideas can be. The program is made up of courses that will teach you critical thinking and how to construct, analyze and evaluate arguments. Courses in Western and Eastern philosophies are included. With such issues as business ethics, arms control, right-to-life and other challenges that humanity has never faced before, philosophy has become increasingly important.

Course Descriptions

For the traditional major, seeking to pursue graduate studies in philosophy, the department specifies 33 credits in philosophy which means you can combine this major with dozens of other emphases or concentrations or another major. The hallmark of this program is its flexibility. Some careers: Philosophy is good preparation for graduate school in many specialties, including philosophy, medicine and law. Many students who enter medicine or law school or MBA programs, earn their first degree in philosophy. A variety of businesses and industries, including the banking industry, are looking for graduates with well-rounded liberal arts backgrounds that a program such as philosophy gives you. A Philosophy minor is available

For students interested in a specialized preparation for Law School, the department offers a Pre-Law track in philosophy which combines specialized courses in Philosophy with a complement of courses in Political Science, and electives in Psychology, Criminal Justice Administration, Forensic Science, Communications, and Business. A Pre-Law minor is available.

For students who are interested in pursuing a study of ethical issues in Business, Medicine, Sports, Politics, Religion, and everyday life, the department offers a track in Applied and Professional Ethics. This program combines an in-depth study of ethical theory and issues in applied and professional ethics with a complement of courses from Sociology, Psychology, Economics, History, Communications, and Environmental Studies.

Statement on Academic Minors

Mansfield University requires that students who pursue a BA degree either complete the requirements for an academic minor or achieve intermediate level competency in a foreign language. The department of Philosophy strongly recommends the study of a foreign language. Students who pursue the traditional BA in Philosophy are NOT eligible to pursue the academic minor in Philosophy, but may pursue the Pre-Law Minor. Students who choose the Pre-Law track in Philosophy are NOT eligible for either the Philosophy or Pre-Law minors. Students who pursue the track in Applied and Professional Ethics are NOT eligible for the Minor in Philosophy, but may, with careful advisement, pursue the Pre-Law Minor.