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Philosophy Program
Mansfield University
Pinecrest Manor, 1st Floor
Mansfield, PA. 16933

Phone: 570-662-4740
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Dr. Adrianne McEvoy, Associate Professor
Dr. Jeff Bosworth, Chairperson
Gayle M. Thompson, Secretary


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Statement on Academic Minors

Mansfield University requires that students who pursue a BA degree either complete the requirements for an academic minor or achieve intermediate level competency in a foreign language. The department of Philosophy strongly recommends the study of a foreign language. Students who pursue the traditional BA in Philosophy are NOT eligible to pursue the academic minor in Philosophy, but may pursue the Pre-Law Minor. Students who choose the Pre-Law track in Philosophy are NOT eligible for either the Philosophy or Pre-Law minors. Students who pursue the track in Applied and Professional Ethics are NOT eligible for the Minor in Philosophy, but may, with careful advisement, pursue the Pre-Law Minor.

Philosophy Minor

The Philosophy Minor is designed for students who are interested in a concentration in philosophy but who do not wish to become philosophy majors. Completion of a minor is required of all candidates for a B.A. at Mansfield, and the completion of a minor is recorded on one's official MU transcript and thus will be noted by potential employers and graduate schools. In addition to the intrinsic value involved in the philosophy courses, the philosophy minor serves as a way of combining general education and elective courses to enhance one's academic credentials.

The minor in Philosophy simply consists of six courses in philosophy, of which three must be taken at the 3000 or 4000 level. Thus a student now enrolled in a first philosophy course would need to complete only five more courses to obtain the academic minor in philosophy.

Course Descriptions

Pre-Law Minor

The Pre-Law Minor consists of 18 semester hours and is designed for students who wish to pursue studies in politics, business, criminal justice or other pre-professional studies while they also plan for admission to a law school. Students are required to take either PHL 2200 Critical Thinking or PHL 3230 Formal Logic. Additionally, students pursuing the minor must take five courses from the following list: PSC 2201 American Politics, BUS 4410 Business Law I, CJA 3324 Judicial Criminal Process, PSC 4404 Courts and The Constitution, COM 4425 Public Communication, PHL 3320 Philosophy of Law.

Course Descriptions

Canadian Studies Minor

Why should you consider taking a Canadian Studies Minor? For some there may be practical reasons since BA students are now required to either take a Minor or complete an intermediate level of foreign language studies. There are other practical aspects to be considered. Since the Minor in Canadian Studies is interdisciplinary, you may be able to fulfill requirements for your Major and the Minor by taking One course for both requirements. The basic course in Canadian Studies--CDN 1101 INTRODUCTION TO CANADA--can be used to fulfill your General Education Elective requirements, whether or not you decide to minor in Canadian Studies. Click here to read more.

Course Descriptions