Philosophy (Applied & Professional Ethics)

Philosophy (Applied & Professional Ethics)

studentsThe Applied and Professional Ethics track in Philosophy is an interdisciplinary major that emphasizes the relationship between moral theory and moral practice in modern society. It requires 36 credit hours of study. With the rapid rise of public interest in ethical issues, this program was designed to help promote ethics education and ethical analysis of professional and social behaviors.

The following Philosophy courses are required for the Applied and Professional Ethics track: PHL 2201, PHL 2202, PHL 2350, either PHL 3310 or PHL 3340, either PHL 2200 or 3230, and either PHL 4420 or 4422.

Additionally, you will have to take a minimum of three courses in Philosophy from the following list: PHL 3260 (students may take this course twice if the topic changes), PHL 3316, PHL 3333, PHL 3365, and PHL 3380.

Finally, students in "Applied and Professional Ethics" will be required to take three courses from the following list: COM 3334 Gender and Communication, ECO 2205 Contemporary Economic Problems, ES 3300 Humans in Nature, HST 3307 Contemporary America, HST 3308 Rise of Industrial America, PSY 4421 Death and Dying, SOC 1121 Contemporary Social Problems, and SOC 4415 American Values in Conflict.

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