Philosophy (Pre-Law)

Philosophy (Pre-Law)

students studyingThe Pre-Law track in Philosophy is an interdisciplinary major that emphasizes the relationship between philosophy and several of the social sciences. It requires 36 credit hours of study. The Pre-Law BA Program has been carefully designed to help students develop intermediate to advanced skills in critical reasoning, legal argumentation, and judicial analysis. It is a rigorous program intended to challenge students and advance their opportunities in the study of law.

The following Philosophy courses are required for the Pre-Law track: Phl 2201, Phl 2202, Phl 3310, Phl 3320, Phl 3340, either Phl 2200 or 3230, and either Phl 4420 or 4422. Additionally, you will have to take a minimum of two electives in Philosophy.

To complete their Pre-Law studies students will be required to take two Political Science courses from the following list: PSC 3328 International Political Economy, PSC 3330 Public Policy, PSC 4402 The President and Congress, PSC 4404 Courts and the Constitution.

Finally, you will be required to take one elective from the following list of courses: BUS 4410 Business Law I, CJA 3324 Judicial Criminal Process, COM 3330 Parliamentary Procedure, COM 4440 Communication Law, PSY 4441 Psychology and Law, and SCI 1104 Forensic Science.

Course Descriptions