Physical Activity Courses

Physical Activity Courses

Physical ActivityThe goal of the physical activity courses is to provide the student with the necessary skills and knowledge in which to participate in life time leisure, fitness, and recreational activities, while improving the quality of life. The emphasis of HPE courses is to encourage skill development over a broad spectrum of physical activities.

Cognitive based courses emphasize the necessary information and life skills needed in our quickly changing society.

Wellness Requirement and General Education

All undergraduate students are required to complete three credits of Wellness within the Core of General Education.

Courses numbering HPE 1100-1168 will satisfy the General Education core requirements for graduation. These courses are usually 1 credit and emphasize physical participation as well as development of lifetime fitness and recreation skills.

Also HPE 1200, Personal and Community Health is a 3 credit Wellness course that examines the overall wellness and health of the individual. HPE 3340 First Aid and CPR and HPE 3345 Wilderness First Aid and CPR fulfill the Wellness requirement and provide the student with 3 credits of Upper Division coursework.

Students are not limited in the total number of courses that they may take beyond the Wellness Requirement by the Health Science a Department.