Press Release Details

Press Release Details

Press Release Number: 635

Incident Number: 11-000294

Release Date: 4/6/2011

Offense: Burglary

Grading: F-1

Date/Time Reported

Date Reported Time Reported Date From Date To
3/30/2011 10:30 AM 3/30/2011 3/30/2011


Location Time From Time To
Laurel A 3:00 AM 8:00 AM

Person(s) Charged or Referred

First Name Last Name Age Gender
max Solis 20 Male

Summary of Events

On the above listed date and times, an occupied residence hall room was burglarized. Incident is still under investigation. Anyone with any information is asked to call Campus Police at 662-4900. Update: Max Solis is being charged and Judicially Referred for the above listed incident.