Press Release Details

Press Release Details

Press Release Number: 1347

Incident Number: 17-168

Release Date: 2/18/2017

Offense: Alcohol Violation

Grading: S

Date/Time Reported

Date Reported Time Reported Date From Date To
2/17/2017 11:28 PM 2/17/2017 2/17/2017


Location Time From Time To
Hickory, room 411 11:28 PM 11:28 PM

Person(s) Charged or Referred

First Name Last Name Age Gender
Colin Treaster 19 Male
Mitchell Heverly 20 Male

Summary of Events

Mansfield University Residence Life personnel requested assistance from the Mansfield University Police Department in addressing a noise complaint and potential alcohol violation, and upon contact, evidence regarding the alcohol violation was established, for which both of the above individuals will face campus judiciary consequences as well as a summary violation for minor (under age 21) consuming alcohol.