Registration of Vehicles

Registration of Vehicles

Driver Responsibility

All employees, students, and contracted employees of Mansfield University who possess, maintain, or operate a motor vehicle on the Mansfield University campus, including those with handicapped placards, shall register their vehicle(s) with the Mansfield University Police Department. If you register a vehicle you are responsible for all parking violations received on that vehicle. Online registration of vehicles is available at

Vehicles bearing a permit for Mansfield University must be parked only in the areas designated for the associated permit. Contracted employees will be assigned specific areas for parking.

Lost or stolen permits should be reported to University Police immediately. A non-refundable replacement fee of $5 will be charged.

Permits to park on campus are as follows:

RED ("E" prefix) – Regular full-time employees.

BLACK ("T" prefix) – Temporary or part-time employees.

PURPLE ("CE" prefix) – Contracted employees. ($5.00 Annually)

YELLOW ("C" prefix) – Commuter students. Parking is permitted in designated areas from 7 a.m.-12 midnight. ($25.00 Annually)

TAN ("HOSS" prefix) - Hickory, Oak, Spruce & Sycamore resident students. ($50.00 Annually)

GREEN ("FY" prefix) – First year resident students. ($50.00 Annually)


NOTE: Resident students are those living in university owned or leased property. Graduate students and graduate assistants are considered students and not employees.

Parking Permits

All vehicles parked on Mansfield University property must display a current parking permit. Hang tag permits must be displayed from the rearview mirror when parked. Temporary permits must be displayed on the front dash, readily visible from the exterior.

Persons who already have a state issued handicapped/disabled plate, placard, or hangtag do not need to purchase any other parking permit to park in a disabled reserved space. However, employees and students with handicapped parking privileges must still register their vehicles with the University Police Department and present their handicapped placard identification card.

It will be the responsibility of the owner/operator to notify University Police of any change (trade, addition, or deletion) to vehicle information.

The permit becomes void when the decal identification is no longer distinguishable. All expired permits must be removed from the vehicle.

Students (Fall/Spring Semesters, Summer Sessions)

  1. You must register your vehicle within 24 hours after you arrive on campus.
  2. If you qualify for campus parking privileges, a permit must be purchased indicating that this privilege has been granted. You will be assigned to a specific parking area.
  3. Students may only have one vehicle on campus at a time.
  4. Students working during summer must park in appropriate student parking, and are not permitted to park in employee parking.
  5. Parking permits will not be issued until all unpaid tickets are paid in full.
  6. Online parking permit application is available here.
  • Fall/Spring (August to August) permit application is available beginning mid July
  • Summer permit application is available beginning mid May


  1. Employees must register their vehicles within 24 hours after arrival on campus. This registration is valid until termination of employment or a university-wide registration of vehicles.
  2. Additional permits may be purchased, but only one vehicle per employee can be parked on campus at a time. The permits are the property of Mansfield University and must be returned upon termination of employment or at the request of the Mansfield University Police Department.
  3. Permits issued to employees are to be used by employees only to park in areas designated—not by their spouses or family members attending classes.
  4. Parking permit application is available here.

Employees who are not working may not park their vehicles overnight on campus. Employees using state vehicles may park overnight at Brooks Maintenance lot.

Visitor or Guest Parking

Visitor parking is authorized by visitor permit only, which can be obtained from the University Police Office or Admissions Office. Visitor parking is available in front of Alumni Hall and behind the Sandra Linck Child Care Center and Straughn Drive.

Employees and students with current parking permits are not authorized to possess/display visitor permits.

Operation and Parking Responsibility

The operation of a motor vehicle or the parking of a vehicle on university property is at the sole risk of the operator. The University assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to any person or property which occurs on university property.