Weapons Registration

Weapons Registration

weaponAll firearms, bows, hunting knives, and ammunition must be registered with, and stored at, the Mansfield University Police Department. All ammunition must be in a locked ammunition box or be stored inside the locked weapons case.

weaponA Registration Form for identification of firearms, bows, hunting knives, and ammunition must be completed and kept in a log at the University Police Department along with an identifying number affixed to the weapon while in storage.

Proof of ownership must be provided with registration form.

Click here for printable registration form.

weaponUniversity Police will maintain a sign in/ sign out log identifying exact date/times of firearm release/return.

Firearms, bows, hunting knives and ammunition may be checked out of the Police Department at any time with the proper identification. (Driver's License or Student ID)

Only hunting or target weapons will be stored at the University Police Department. NO assault weapons of any kind will be accepted.

We ask that EXTREME CAUTION be exercised when transporting firearms, bows, hunting knives, and ammunition to and from the University Police Department. All firearms must be unloaded during transportation and registration.