How big is your program?
We have approximately 40-50 majors in our program, and we are growing.

Is study abroad a requirement of your program?
No. However, we strongly recommend that our students take advantage of a study abroad opportunity. A semester-long experience in any foreign country teaches students about the target country, about the US, and about themselves. In most cases, students can take courses toward the major (and the General Education requirements) while overseas. Some study abroad options do not require foreign language experience. For those students who do not want to commit to a semester abroad, our program recently developed a short-term, study abroad opportunity (PSC 3385 Field Research Abroad - 6 credits) offered during summer session. Since summer 2014, we have been taking 14 students to Belize for two weeks to study the political, social, environmental, and economic aspects of this small Central American country.

Must I take a foreign language?
No. However, we recommend that our students consider taking a foreign language. Developing a foreign language skill requires hard work and dedication, but the benefits include a better understanding of global culture, a way of distinguishing a graduate from the competition, and the further honing of critical thinking skills.

Can I sit in on one of your classes?
Of course, you can. In fact, we encourage you to come meet us and sit in on one of our classes. You can make arrangements through the admissions office or feel free to contact us directly.

Will I be anonymous in your program?
You will not be anonymous in our program. In fact, we are proud that we know who each of our majors are. We get to know you through personal advisement beyond the “required advisement” period. We also regularly discuss the progress of our students, and more importantly, we will contact you if you are falling behind, not attending class, or slacking.

What are your average class sizes for your upper level political science classes?
Average class sizes will vary depending on the availability of upper level courses offered. Typically, we offer at least three upper level courses per semester. Average class sizes for these classes tend to range between 18 and 35 students. However, the Seminar in Political Science (senior capstone course) is designed to be a low enrolled course.

What is the most common minor of your program?
We encourage our majors to pursue minors that pique their interests. Thus, it is not unusual to see our students minor in history or philosophy. However, we also have students who enroll in minor programs in criminal justice, business, English, and communications.

Do you have a pre-law track?
Yes, we do. We offer two options for students considering law school: Pre-Law concentrations in Political Science or Philosophy. In addition, we have an affiliation agreement with Widener Law School. We have been quite successful in placing recent graduates in law schools, including Syracuse Law, Ohio State Law, Widener Law, and Albany Law. For more information about our Pre-Law concentrations, click on the Pre-Law Information button in the navigation bar to the left.