B.A. Political Science - Pre-Law

B.A. Political Science - Pre-Law

Our program will prepare you for the path towards law school and a career in law. Our Pre-Law concentration exposes you to rigorous courses that hone your analytical and critical thinking skills, which are necessary to be successful in the field of law. Our interdisciplinary approach (courses in political science, philosophy, and criminal justice are minimal requirements) provides you with a strong legal foundation to excel in law school. We have placed recent graduates in a wide variety of law schools including Syracuse University College of Law, Albany Law School, Widener University School of Law, Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University, and Mississippi College of Law.

We have an affiliation agreement with Widener Law School (Harrisburg campus), which offers express (automatic) admission to those who meet the minimal qualifications (mainly graduating in the top 50% of your class and scoring above or at the 50th percentile on the LSAT). Additionally, there is a 3+3 Early Admissions/Joint Program that would allow qualifying students to enter Widener Law following their 3rd year at Mansfield University. For more information about these programs and about our Pre-law program in general, check out our Pre-Law Information page.

Requirements for a B.A. in Political Science (Pre-Law concentration)

There are a total of 37 credits needed for a B.A. in Political Science (Pre-Law concentration). 

The following courses are required of all PSC majors (16 credits):

  • PHL 2205 Law, Morality and Authority
  • PSC 2201 Introduction to American Government
  • PSC 2210 Introduction to International Relations
  • PSC 2212 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PSC 3308 Social Science Research Methods
  • PSC 4444 Political Science Seminar (1 credit)

The following courses are required for the Pre-Law concentration (15 credits):

  • CJA 3354 Criminal Law or CJA 3355 Constitutional Criminal Procedure
  • PHL 3230 Formal Logic
  • PHL 3320 Philosophy of Law
  • PSC 3351 International Law
  • PSC 4404 Constitutional Law

Choose two of the following Pre-Law electives (6 credits):

  • BUS 4410 Business Law I
  • CJA 3354 Criminal Law*
  • CJA 3355 Constitutional Criminal Procedure*
  • COM 4401 Persuasion
  • COM 4440 Communication Law
  • PSC 3340 Intelligence Studies
  • PSC 4402 US Presidency

*when not selected above

Students are also required to select a minor (in consultation with their adviser), unless they have completed the second year of a foreign language.