Political Science Minor

A minor in Political Science provides an excellent complement to nearly any major. The fundamental skills students learn in the field of political science are broadly and widely applied to a variety of careers, including banking, finance, sales, lobbying, education, research, law enforcement, and public relations.

There are a total of 18 credits needed for a minor in Political Science. All students in the minor program must take the following required courses (6 credits):

  • PSC 2201 Introduction to American Politics
  • PSC 2210 Introduction to International Relations 
    PSC 2212 Introduction to Comparative Politics

Students must also take an additional 12 credits of political science electives. However, 9 of the 12 credits must be from an upper division political science course (3000 or 4000 level).

International Studies Minor

For students with an interest in the world beyond the United States, the minor in international studies offers a multi-disciplinary complement to any major. Students are exposed to different disciplines, but the emphasis remains on other countries. 

The following courses are required in the minor program:

  • ANH 1101 - Cultural Anthropology 
  • GEG 1101 - World Regional Geography 
  • PSC 2210 - Introduction to International Relations
  • PSC 2212 - Introduction to Comparative Politics

Students must also take an additional 3 Credit hours from any of the following courses:

  • HST 3366 - Twentieth Century Europe   
  • HST 3377 - History of Latin America  
  • HST 3387 - History of East Asia   
  • HST 3388 - History of Africa   
  • HST 4452 - South Africa: From Cape Colony to Apartheid  
  • HST 4471 - History of Mexico and the Caribbean   
  • HST 4487 - Pacific Rim: History and the Contemporary World 

Finally, students must take 6 Credit hours from the following courses:

  • ANH 3301 - World Cultures  
  • ANH 3308 - African Cultures  
  • ECO 3333 - International Economics  
  • PSC 3312 - Canada, Mexico and the U.S.   
  • PSC 4412 - Topics in Comparative Politics   
  • PSC 4415 - U.S. Foreign Policy   

Canadian Studies Minor

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