Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology

The Mansfield Distinction

As a Psychology major at Mansfield, you will get a solid, academic education. You can also expect that:

You will be known and valued.

    ·Faculty will know your name and take a personal interest in your learning and succeeding. We will be available and responsive to you.

    ·You will have a faculty adviser in our department who will help you negotiate the academic journey at MU.

    ·Professors meet regularly to discuss how to move students toward their goals at while at Mansfield and after graduation.

    ·"Majors" classes will be small and personal. We think it is important to maintain small, personal classes in areas of the greatest student interest. Our concentrations include many intensive classes that are limited to 10-15 students.

Your education can be personalized and will have "real-world" applications.

    ·You have attractive options for concentrating within the psychology major and a clear path to successfully completing your major.

    ·You will learn theoretical concepts and how they can be applied in the "real world". Many of our faculty have applied work experience (counseling, consulting etc). We understand the need for "knowing the ideas" and "doing the work."

    ·You can customize your student internship. Our small size allows our students work with faculty to identify a professional internship setting that best suits their needs and interests. They can work for a semester with public/private organizations, service providers or businesses. It depends on your long-term goal—work or graduate school.

   ·You will learn to question area that interest you scientifically. Most of our students work closely with a faculty member to intensively study an area of personal interest. They produce high quality research presentations that are shared at our annual Research Symposium or at other professional conferences. Students regularly report this to be one of the most valued experiences of their undergraduate career.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology (with 5 concentrations within BS:PSY):

  • General Psychology
  • Counseling
  • Mind/Body Health
  • Lifespan Development
  • Human Resource Management

The Psychology CORE:

  • PSY 1101 Introduction to General Psychology
  • PSY 1151 Orientation to Psychology*
  • PSY 2206 Research Methods I
  • PSY 3353 Career Planning (1 credit)
  • PSY 4490 Senior Seminar
  • PSY 4495 Internship (6-12 credits)
    or PSY 4496 Research Apprenticeship (1-15 credits)
    or PSY 4497 Independent Study  (1- 3 credits per semester; 6 credits maximum overall)
    or 2 additional upper division Psy classes (as of Fall 2010)

Total Credit Hours for Core: 16-25 CR

*waived for students entering program with 45 or more semester hours completed

Psychology Minor:

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