Memory Board

Memory Board

Memories and Highlights At Mansfield University

"It was fun to see Dr. Loher in his "freudian slip" and Dr. Murray in the pavlov's dog costume!" -Katie Akins (2009)

"My counseling internship, and being involved in the department such as psychology club. Also have professors who knew who I was. I was able to connect with my professors on a personal level because of the small class sizes. Also learning SPSS. Because I know how to use that program, I was able to use that skill as a research assistant at Arcadia where I had some of my tuition paid for, and was able to work with a great team of professors on research projects in the math and science education department. " - Stephanie Gaun (2007)"I enjoyed the Senior Seminar paper. This research helped me to decide what I wanted to do with my life and with whom I wanted to work". - Amber Shaffer (2008)

"One of my fondest experiences was working as a research assistant with Dr. Verno." - Joseph Renninger (2008)

"Working closely with the other Psych and HRM students. Working closely with the faculty and staff. Research Symposium in Boston, MA" - Marissa Fontana (Kosydar), (2005)"I loved the interaction with students and professors. The connection that I created help create a passion for learning. " -Michael Masters (2007)"Time spent in the old Psychology lounge in old South Hall, Psi Chi, Assisting Dr. Loher with research projects, Being nominated at large by Dr. Keller for Outstanding Senior, Presenting with some of the faculty at the American Psychological Society Convention in Chicago the May after I graduated" Diana Petlock (Rizzo), (2004)

"The closeness of the faculty and the students; it really felt like they cared for your success as a student". - Rebekah Burke (Smith),  (2002)

"Psychophysiological research with Dr. Francis Craig. Close knit and cohesive department faculty. Senior year professional internship at the Elmira Psych. Center and Behavioral Science Unit." - Brett Powell (2002)