Francis W. Craig

Francis W. Craig


Office: 236 South Hall
Rank: Professor
Phone: (570) 662-4774

Activites and Interests: 

  • Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine
  • Psychophysiology of Stress
  • Social Support/Health Relationships


  • B.A. Univ. of Richmond
  • M.A. Loyola of Maryland
  • Ph.D. Univ. of Tennessee

Dr. Craig with his daughters Research Symposium Research Symposium 4-24-08 

Personal Statement:

  • My academic interests and training are primarily in the area of cardiovascular psychophysiology. Specifically I am interested in how socially supportive environments and behaviors affect the functioning of the heart. In recent and current research I am primarily focused on social support giving and receiving by men to men. My students and I are also looking at the role of personal conditions (such of sense of well-being and rumination) on daytime and nocturnal blood pressure.
  • Research I have conducted has been published in journals such as Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Sciences, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Clinical Autonomic Research, International Journal of Men's Health, and International Journal of Psychophysiology. I am an active member of the American Psychological Association and the Society of Behavioral Medicine.
  • I am also active with the Tioga County Partnership for Community Health. In 2000 I completed an 18-month countywide assessment of the health of Tioga County. This experience and a strong background in exercise science has kindled new interests in community health, most keenly an interest in smoking cessation programs.
  • At MU I teach a variety of courses such as: Introduction to General Psychology, Psychology of Stress, Physiological Psychology, Health Psychology, and Research Methods. I am currently working to develop a comprehensive laboratory manual for health psychology that will incorporate a heavy online problem-solving component. Finally I have an ongoing interest in statistics, male health issues and sport psychology.
  • On the personal side, I am a regular swimmer and runner (not so much biking these days). I enjoy athletics of all kinds and am a passionate college football fan. In terms of music, I enjoy pop, country, pre-20th century classical, new age ambient and techno trance stuff.

Sen Sem 12/8/09 Sen Sem FA 2009 Senior Sem 3