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Housing, Dining, and
Campus Life 
120 Pinecrest Manor 
Mansfield, PA 16933

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Who is required to live on campus?
All first and second year students are required to live in the residence halls and participate in a University-provided dining plan unless they are formally exempted to
reside in the primary residence of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) in which the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) reside full time and which is within a 50-mile radius of campus. Students fulfill the requirement after spending two years living and dining on campus (post high school). Academic credit hours and/or class status do not exempt one from the policy. This policy applies to traditional first and second year students, as well as international students. It also applies to transfer students who have not completed two years of on campus residency at another university (post high school). Married students, students with minor dependents, students 21 years of age and older prior to the start of the academic year, and veterans with one or more years of active service are exempt.

Where can first year students live?
First year students can live in Hickory or Oak residence halls.

Where can returning residents (current students) and transfer students live?
Current students and/or transfer students can live in any residence hall, except for Hickory.

I applied for admission, do I also have to apply for housing?
Yes, admission to Mansfield University does not include application for University housing. To reserve your space in the residence halls, you will need to follow the instructions on how to sign up for housing and dining.

How much does it cost to live on campus?
That depends on the types of room you choose and are assigned to.

What am I agreeing to by signing the Housing & Dining Agreement?
The Housing & Dining Agreement if a binding document between the student and Mansfield University (in the case of a minor student, the Agreement is between the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the student and the University). This Agreement provides for room according to the terms and conditions outlined within. Be sure to read the Agreement carefully.

How secure are the residence halls?
Safety and security is one of our top priorities for Housing, Dining, and Campus Life. All of our residence halls are locked 24 hours a day. Any Mansfield University student currently living on campus can swipe their student ID to gain access in the front door; however, only residents of a specific building can swipe to gain entry beyond the front desk/lobby area. Security cameras are also present in certain areas within the halls.

Who takes care of students who live in the residence halls?
Approximately 30 Resident Assistants (RAs), professionals live-in Residence Directors (RDs), Graduate Assistants (GAs), administrative support staff, maintenance and cleaning staff help provide support for students living on campus.

How do I check into my room? How do I find out where I go?
You will receive your housing assignment through your MyHousing portal and you will also be receiving an e-mail to your Mansfield University e-mail address prior to the start of the semester. Both will list your hall, room number, and if appropriate, your roommate. On your scheduled check in day, go directly to the front desk of your assigned hall to pick up your keys and complete the necessary steps.

Do I need to remove anything from my room during breaks?
Students do not generally have to remove items from their rooms curing Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks; however, it is recommended that students take any valuable items with them over break periods.

When do I have to check out after final exams?
Students are expected to check out within 24 hours of their last final exam. Students who are unable to check out at that time should contact their Residence Director (RD) to request an extension.

What furniture comes standard in a room?
One bed (36"X80" mattress), one desk, one desk chair, one or two dressers, and a microfridge (or refrigerator and microwave for the larger unit types). Some room types have additional room furnishings and those can be found on the Housing, Dining, and Campus Life webpage.

What items can I bring with me and what items should I leave at home?
Please check out our Residence Hall Handbook which outlines everything you may need in your room, as well as those items you should leave at home.

How do I get my mail?
A mailbox key will be issued to you upon checking into the residence halls with mailboxes being located near the front desk of the building where you reside. If you receive a package, it will be delivered to the Campus Post Office located in Pinecrest and you will receive an e-mail notification at your mounties.mansfield e-mail address. Any questions relating to campus mail should be directed to the Campus Post Office.

What if I get locked out of my room?
First, check at the front desk in your building to see if someone can assist you in getting back into your room. If no one is available, check to see if there are any other staff members available who can assist you - they're information (by floor) can be found on every floor and at the front desk.

What do I do if I lose my key(s)?
If you lose either of your keys, contact the Graduate Assistant (GA) of your building immediately. They will put a lock change request into the Locksmith, who will then change the lock and create new keys. There is a charge for the lock change depending on the room type.

How do I contact if I have a maintenance problem with my room?
You can fill out a maintenance request located in your MyHousing account. Contact your Resident Assistant (RA) if you would like some assistance on using the maintenance request system.

What should I do if I want a room change or don't get along with my roommate(s)?
It is actually fairly normal for roommate conflicts and disagreements to occur from time to time. Students can learn a lot about communication, problem solving, and decision-making when they live with others who are different from them. Hall staff are available to work with roommates who are having difficulties communicating or getting along. We have seen great success with students who can work through difficult situations and learn how to resolve conflict. With that being said, we do understand when a room change is necessary. Each semester there is a brief period (after the first two weeks of the semester) when a student can meet with their Graduate Assistant (GA) to discuss room change options. Typically, room changes are not made outside of this period.

Are single rooms available?
Yes. C-Units, E-Units and F-Units provide individual bedrooms and are available with an additional charge. These room types are requested upon applying for housing and are limited, so those students not able to acquire spaces at first will be placed on a waiting list.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Please reference our Residence Hall Handbook for a listing of all departmental staff. In case of an emergency, please contact Mansfield University Campus Police at (570)662-4900.


Students new to Mansfield University can begin applying for housing for Fall 2017 once they have been accepted. Information on the housing application for First year or new Transfer students can be found at New Student Application Information.

Current On-Campus students can begin applying for priority room selection for FALL, 2017 beginning October 3rd at Noon! Information on the housing application process for returning students can be found at Current (Returning) Student Application Information

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