Child Welfare Minor

The Child Welfare minor is designed for students interested in better understanding the care and protection of children in today's society. It introduces students to issues specific to children, from developmental, environmental, and social work perspectives. It is an appropriate minor for any student who will be working in roles that involve protecting vulnerable children.

Requirements (18 S.H.) effective, FA 15

3 credits from:

  • SWK 1800: Introduction to Social Work
  • SPE 1001: Foundations in Special Education

3 credits from:

  • SOC 2232: American Family Systems
  • SOC 3370: Sociology of Childhood


  • SWK 3321: Child Welfare
  • SWK 3326: Case Management in Social Work
  • PSY 2210:  Psychology of Family Relations
  • PSY 3292: Child Psychology

Social Welfare Minor

The Social Welfare minor prepares students interested in better understanding social welfare systems. The minor offers information on organizations, social policies, and service provision as viewed from a systems perspective.

Requirements (18 S.H.) effective, FA 11

  • SOC 1121: Contemporary Social Problems
  • SWK 1800: Introduction to Social Work
  • SWK 2500: Diversity in American Social Welfare
  • SWK 3301: Human Behavior & Social Environment I
  • SWK 3302: Human Behavior & Social Environment II
  • SWK 3330: Social Policy

Why Social Work is Important



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