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NOTE: "SSD Coordinator" refers to the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities.


When students apply for admission to Mansfield University, they may indicate if they have a disability. Individuals may volunteer this information if they choose to. Students are never denied admission because of a disability. If a student identifies themself as disabled and does not meet regular criteria for admission, that student's file is forwarded to a special screening committee. This committee may include the SSD Coordinator; the Coordinator of the Counseling Center; Special Education professors; and Admissions Office staff. The committee carefully reviews each file to determine whether or not it is probable that each individual student could succeed with certain, reasonable accommodations. If this is the case, University staff will offer admission to the student or request that the student visit the campus for an interview.

Students with disabilities who meet regular admissions criteria do not receive any special admissions consideration. The files of students with disabilities who accept admission to Mansfield University are forwarded to the SSD Coordinator. After accepting admission to Mansfield University, the new student may contact the SDS Coordinator to discuss the services that may be appropriate.

Website: Admissions

Books on Tape

Students who require books on tape because of visual impairments or learning disabilities should make arrangements to register for services by Recording for the Blind. These students can receive priority scheduling, and also receive, in advance, a list of the books required for their courses. These students should meet with the SSD Coordinator at least four months before the semester begins in order to plan their schedule. The Coordinator will then advise the professors that a student in their classes will need books on tape. The Coordinator will ask faculty members to send book orders and any supplemental course materials to the University Book Store in advance of the semester in which the materials will be needed. Students are responsible for contacting Recording for the Blind to determine if the necessary books are already on tape. If they are not, the students are responsible for buying the book and sending it to Recordings for the Blind.

Website: Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic
Address: Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic
20 Roszel Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: (800)803-720
E-mail: Customer Service


Commencement, or graduation ceremonies, are held at sites which may present access problems for some participants. Individuals with mobility problems, or those with guests who have mobility problems, should contact the President's Secretary at 662-4046 as early during the final semester as possible to discuss necessary accommodations.


Testing is not offered by Mansfield University. If testing is necessary, the student will be referred to the appropriate public or private agency. Any associated costs will be the student's responsibility.

If the test results indicate that the person has a learning disability, the SSD Coordinator will work to ensure that appropriate accommodations are provided to the student.

For further information, go to: FAQ #6

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Persons with disabilities who use Mansfield University facilities on a regular basis may be assigned a University employee and a backup to provide assistance and information in an emergency situation. University Police provide additional assistance in removing persons with disabilities from University buildings during emergencies. Please contact the Affirmative Action Office if you wish further information about this.

Persons with disabilities occupying or using University buildings/facilities occasionally or after normal business hours should notify University Police of their use of those facilities. The department manager and the University Police are responsible for the provision of appropriate information and assistance or evacuation if an emergency situation arises.

The complete text of the University's emergency evacuation plan is available at:

Affirmative Action Office

Alumni Hall 118
Phone extension x4892

Website: Campus Police


Hearing impaired students who require signers/interpreters for their course work should advise the SSD Coordinator of this at least four weeks before the beginning of the semester. In these cases, Mansfield University will provide the necessary services.

Letters to Professors

Students who require accommodations in their classes because of a disability should arrange for an appointment with the SSD Coordinator. During this meeting, the Coordinator and the student decide upon reasonable and appropriate accommodations. The Coordinator prepares a letter for each of the student's professors and provides these letters to the student. The student is then responsible for meeting with professors to present the letters and discussing the requested accommodations. If a professor challenges the student's need for such accommodations, the student should again contact the Coordinator, who will then help to resolve the situation.


The library staff work with patrons on an individual basis to ensure that everyone has complete access to library resources and services. A student with a disability should contact the Coordinator of Public Services at 662-4688 to discuss arrangement for assistance or service. Students may also go to the Information Desk (second floor, north wing) with requests for assistance. In any case in which a student feels that the accommodations are not adequate, he/she should contact the SSD Coordinator, who will help resolve the situation.

There is elevator service in the Library atrium which provides access to all floors of the library.

Website: Library

Note Takers

Mansfield University does not routinely provide note takers for students. However, if this is a necessary accommodation, the SSD Coordinator will contact the student's professors. The professor can either provide copies of the lecture notes or request a volunteer from the class who is willing to make copies of his/her notes. Students who require this service should contact the Coordinator at the beginning of each semester.


In certain cases, a student may require a personal reading assistant. Arrangement must be made with the SSD Coordinator at least four weeks before the semester begins. In these cases, Mansfield University will provide readers for course work.

Residence Hall Accommodations

Students who require special residence hall accommodations because of a disability should arrange for an appointment with the Director of Residence Life at least four weeks prior to the start of the semester. During the meeting, the Director and the student will determine the most reasonable and appropriate accommodations.

In any case in which the student feels that the accommodations are not adequate, he/she should contact the SSD Coordinator, who will help resolve the situation.

Website: Residence Life
E-mail: Chuck Colby, Director of Residence Life


When a new student indicates that he/she has a disability, that student's file is forwarded to the SSD Coordinator. The Coordinator, after reviewing the appropriate documentation, works with the Scheduling Office, and any major program advisors, to develop schedules throughout the student's University career.

A transfer student who indicates a disability is advised by the Transfer Coordinator to meet with the SSD Coordinator to prepare his/her first semester schedule.

Some students with learning disabilities, and others with physical disabilities that require a class be moved to provide access, may receive priority scheduling each semester. These students should meet with their major program advisor(s) as soon as the scheduling period begins. The students must also meet with the SSD Coordinator who, along with each student, determines which classes need to have priority scheduling. The Coordinator also arranges for the students to schedule courses through the Assistant to the Provost's Office.

Testing Accommodations

Depending on the disability, students can arrange to have various accommodations made in regard to taking tests. These accommodations may include: tests being administered orally; assistance provided for writing test answers; oral responses; extended time; and an isolated testing location. The accommodations are detailed in the letters to the student's professors. If willing, the professor provides the appropriate accommodations.

A professor may also choose to have the accommodation arranged through the Office of the SSD Coordinator. In this case, the student must inform the Coordinator at least a week before of the date for a scheduled test. Request for test accommodation forms are available in the Coordinator's office. The Coordinator makes arrangements to get the test and schedule a test administrator or proctor.

If a professor challenges the student's need for testing accommodations, the student should contact the Coordinator, who will then help resolve the situation.


Students who want to have academic tutorial services should contact the Mansfield Learning Center, located in South Hall - Room 145. The main objective of the Center is to ensure the academic success of each Mansfield University student. The tutorial team consists of skillful and patient upper-classmen who offer individual and group tutorial services in virtually all subject areas. This service is provided to Mansfield University students at no charge. For an appointment or more information, please contact the Coordinator at extension x4767.

Website: Learning Center
E-mail: Kimberly Slusser, Director