Student Activities

Student Activities


Our Mission

The Student Activities Office (SAO) promotes student learning and community through high impact student engagement that develops student leaders through co-curricular / extra-curricular experiences which enable our students to complement their academic learning experience by further developing critical thinking, decision making, values clarification, and problem solving skills.

Our Vision

To create transformative learning experiences that develop ethical student leaders to lead lives of balance, generosity, and integrity in the university and outside community in which they serve.

About Student Activities

The Student Activities Office (SAO) provides co-curricular opportunities for students to engage in that are fun, entertaining, and educational by design… (Edutainment: Education + Entertainment). These diversified opportunities in the form of special events, student activities, and extra-curricular programming (concerts, lectures, films, travel, theatre, multi-media, special events, etc.) are designed to promote student leadership development, social interaction, self-exploration, organizational development, and student formation. We are here to guide and assist students from A – Z, from idea to implementation on all aspects of special event and extra-curricular programming to include… research, design, management, planning, advertising, promotion, production, and assessment.

Additionally, we are also a key resource for students in the areas of equipment, materials, publications, training, advertising /promotional tools, artist / entertainment agency contacts, programming ideas, etc. that students, student clubs & organizations, and advisors can utilize in planning and implementing their programs and developing stronger clubs and organizations. Our goal in assisting you with event planning is to enable our students to raise one another to even higher levels of motivation, desire, and accomplishment within the greater area of event programming and to achieve overall student success in their endeavor.

Our office further supports the university creed of Character, Scholarship, Culture, and Service and the academic mission of our institution by intentionally linking student experiences that occur both inside and outside the academic classroom.

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