Summer Tuition Rates

Summer Tuition Rates

Summer Due Dates

Payment Due Date
Deferred Due Date

Summer 2017 Fee Schedule

On Campus Courses 2017/SU & 2017/SF

Online Courses 2017/SU & 2017/SF (Section ends with #190 - #199)

Housing and Dining Summer 2017

Students taking a combination of undergraduate and graduate credits are charged at the student (undergraduate or graduate) level. Summer tuition for undergraduate or graduate course work is billed at the per current credit rate and not considered part of the frozen tuition rates.

Miscellaneous Mandatory Fees

Required of all students, including internships, institutional research, study abroad and student teachers.

**Note-All students taking a combination of on-campus and online classes are billed fees based upon the total enrolled credits. Students taking only online courses will be billed the education and technology fee. 

**Note-If a student changes their registration, the change may affect their balance due. If a student is anticipating assistance from their family to cover their charges, it is the student's responsibility to notify their family of any changes.

Miscellaneous Charges

Auditing a Course:

Part-time students and residents of the region may audit a course (attending class and receiving no grade or credit) for $50 with permission from the instructor. Full-time students are not assessed.

An Audit of Course form must be submitted prior to the end of the add period.

Click here for the Audit form

Parking Decals for Summer:

$5.00 per registered vehicle; You need a current parking decal to park on campus which must be purchased at Police Services and Safety located on the ground floor of Doane Center.