Portfolio Requirements

Portfolio Requirements

Student Teaching Screening Process
Lycoming/Sullivan Counties
Performance Standards Collation

In an effort to standardize the procedures for placing student teachers in Coalition school districts, a Teacher Screening Committee convened on October 12th. The committee agreed that the following process would be followed prior to student teachers being placed in Coalition schools.

Students will maintain a portfolio as part of the initial screening process. The portfolio should contain the following:

Documentation of pre-service field experiences. This can be an anecdotal record or a checklist verified by the student’s advisor. Pre-service experience in the district that is considering the teacher for placement is preferred but not necessary.

  • A resume
  • A standard Pennsylvania teaching application
  • Act 34, 151 & PA FBI clearances, as well as other information that the college/university may require
  • A standards based lesson or unit developed by the student
  • Samples of assessments. This could include checklists, holistic or analytic rubrics, tests or prompts developed by the student teacher.
  • A writing sample, specifically written to assess the student teacher’s understanding of standards and  their implementation in the classroom.

Districts have the option to formally interview each prospective student teacher. Specific interview questions and composition of the interview committee are at the discretion of each district.

Each College/University will provide a copy of their student teaching handbook to all cooperating teachers and schools. Post-secondary institutions will also provide one semester-advance notice prior to requesting placement for potential student teachers.

Coalition school districts will provide each college/university’s Education Department the name of the staff member responsible for coordination of student teacher placements.

Williamsport Area School District
Office of the Assistant Superintendent
201 West Third Street
570-327-5500 x3596
Williamsport, PA 17701
FAX 570-327-8122

TO:  K-12 Principals
FROM:  Jackie Thomas
CC: Department Heads
Pat Lowrey
SUBJECT:  Student Teacher Portfolio Review

As a member of the Lycoming-Sullivan County Performance Standards Consortium, Williamsport Area School District has agreed to participate in a student teacher pre-screening initiative. Our prescreening involves a review of a pre-student teaching portfolio. This requirement began in 2002-03 school year, and I reviewed all portfolios that year and last year. A student is supposed to be denied student teaching in this district if no portfolio is submitted or the portfolio is found to be incomplete.

I am asking building principals to review portfolios either before a student teacher begins in your building or during the first week of student teaching. You need to insure that you see the following items:

  • Copy of the student's most recent transcript (may be an unofficial version)
  • Resume
  • Personal philosophical statement about teaching
  • A unit plan

If any item is missing, the student teacher should provide it before student teaching or at the latest by the end of the first week of student teaching. If it is not provided, let me know and I will take care of getting the item.

When you check the transcript, please check the cumulative average. If it is less than 3.0 please let me know, and I will talk to the university. Note that in Pennsylvania no one can get certification with less than a 3.0 average.

Thank you for doing the actual portfolio review. I will do the legwork if items are missing.