Financial Literacy: Credit

Financial Literacy: Credit

**Please send all correspondence and questions for this module to your TRiO advisor**

Student Learning Outcome:

Students will be able to identify and learn the necessary skills to be successful with managing, understand and learn about credit .

Step 1:

Review the - Credit PowerPoint 

Please follow all links throughout the PowerPoint and be prepared to answer the following questions. (Also available in the PowerPoint)

What is credit and what are the advantages/disadvantages of credit?

What are credit scores and how are they determined?

How can you use credit and credit cards wisely?

What is the average amount of revolving debt of someone in their 20's and why do you think this is the case? Explain.

What are the key factors of a good credit management program?

Step 2:

Directions also provided at the conclusion of the Credit PowerPoint.

Take the lifeValues Quiz in the link provided: 

Your results will educate you on your thought process when you spend your own money. Please provide some feedback and explain if you though the quiz was correct in describing your thought process during spending. (3 sentences minimum)