Improving Study Time

Improving Study Time

Improve study time now!


Student Learning Outcome:

Students will be able to identify the skills necessary to be successful at improving their study time.

Step 1: Discover your study habits and attitudes.

How can you maximize your study time? First, you need to identify the areas that need improvement. Complete this study skills checklist to find out what areas are unique to your needs! 

Are you surprised by the results?

Step 2:  Explore common study problems.

Now that you have identified areas that need improvement, review these common study problems and the tips and technique associated with them.

Were you able to identify problems or obstacles that get in the way of your academic success?

Step 3: Think long term. Make deadlines for yourself from the start!

When we make decisions, we feel like we are in control.  Watch this video and discover how we lose motivation and begin to procrastinate when we are not in control of our studies. Then, complete this course chart. At the beginning of each semester prepare for the long term. That way you can make deadlines for yourself from the very start! When we know what is required of us and when, we have a much better chance of success. 

What areas or skills will you work on to help improve your study time?

Step 4: Get control over your major assignments.

If you have major assignments and research projects, then break them down into manageable steps. Use the assignment calculator to help get you started. This will serve as an example of how to create mini deadlines for yourself throughout the semester.

How will this technique help you stay on track?

REVIEW this information with a TRiO advisor.

Tell us what you've learned!