Job Searching

Job Searching

Are you about to graduate and need to find a job in your field? Where do you begin to look? How are you going to sort though all the positions posted to find one that suits your experiences? Looking for a job is a big step in life. Below are helpful hints and resources you can use to make the job searching process a little bit easier.

Job Search

Student Learning Outcome:

Students will be able to identify the skills necessary to be successful with job searching.

Step 1:

Click here and read the Top Twenty Job Search Tips from PASSHE (Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education) Career Service Association.

Step 2:

Read what you can do with your major by clicking here and compile a list of three jobs that interest you in your field of study. Find your major, click on outline, and develop a list of three choices that interest you and type them into a word document. Also review the strategies recommended for each job.

Step 3:

Recall the tips you learned in Step 1 and the strategies you learned in Step 2. In your word document, write 3-4 sentences about how you would use those tips and strategies to attain your top three job choices. 

Step 4:

Complete the job search log below by choosing a website from the section titled “Internet” on the career center website that would be relevant to the job you are looking to pursue. Search the website using key terms related to your major and find three jobs that are of interest to you. Fill as much information as you can into the job search log. You will not be able to complete every field of the job search log right now, but will be able to complete it as you continue the job searching process. Note that all of these links are for entry level college students and they sort through other websites as well. Make sure to look over the links carefully because some of them are for federal and state jobs in Pennsylvania, which may or may not be of interest to you.

Job Search Log

Step 5:

Click here  and scroll to the bottom of the page. Use to investigate each company from your job search in Step4. Review each company's overview, employee reviews, and salary information. It is important to have general knowledge of each company you are interested in working for. Write 2-4 sentences in the "Notes" section of your job search log about what you have learned about each company.

Step 6:

Read about how to seek a job after graduation if you do not have one by clicking here.