How to Schedule a Tutor Appointment Using TutorTrac

To view a list of tutors available for the semesters, click on the subject which interests you then proceed on TutorTrac to schedule an appointment.

Please follow these steps to schedule a session with a tutor:

1. To Log-in
      1. MU Homepage under "Quick Links":
      2. TutorTrac using the first part of your student email address (the information before the @      symbol)
      3. The password is your student ID number

1. To Log-in

2. Select "Search for Availability" (left side).

3. Select “TRiO” or "Learning Center" from the drop down menu on left.

4. Select "Sections" (Your courses should be listed in blue.) *If you need a Writing Tutor, select "Reasons"--> Learning Center Writing, then go to Step 6*

5. Select the course you need to meet with a tutor with. 

6. Select "Search button" (on the bottom left).

7. Showing Tutor's schedules, It will allow you to make an appointment.
*If no times shown--> may not be a tutor for specific subject or no appointments left*

8. Click on time slot that works with you. Under "Reasons", fill out TRiO's evaluation sheet and fill in your phone number where asked and click "Save".

9. At the time of your appointment, show up at the designated room with your materials for that course. All TRiO Tutors will meet in Doane, 2nd floor, while Learning Center Tutors will have a specific room number in South Hall.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Jodi Powley, Doane Rm 217, at jpowley@mansfield.edu or call 570-662-4366.


SWK 1800
Intro to Social Work
SOC 1101
Intro to Sociology
SOC 2232
American Family Systems
PSY 1101
Intro to Gen Psych
SOC 1101
Study Session(s): TBA

PSY 1101
Study Session(s): TBA

Mondays 1pm-3pm

Tuesday 10am-12pm

Wednesday 1pm-3pm

Khabeera Calaman

English/Writing Tutor

ENG 0090
Basic Writing Skills 

ENG 1112
Composition l

ENG 1115
Introduction to Literature

ENG 2207
Readings to British Literature

ENG 2208
Readings in American Literature

ENG 2226 History of English Language

ENG 2269
Survey of British Literature ll

ENG 2280
Survey of British Literature ll

ENG 3313
Composition ll









If you are interested in becoming a TRiO Tutor, please complete the application found under MY MANSFIELD/WORK STUDY/DEPT OF ACADEMIC INITIATIVES. Please address questions to Annette Mase at amase@mansfield.edu, or Jodi Powley at jpowley@mansfield.edu

*Make an appointment with a TRiO tutor using TutorTrac.