World Languages and Cultures

World Languages and Cultures

B.A. World Languages and Cultures

The B.A. Program in World Languages and Cultures is designed to produce graduates who can communicate effectively in a cultural and linguistic context different from their own. In addition to the development of second-language proficiency, the WLC Program addresses cultural content and cultural competency skills through a nine-credit cultural course block within each concentration. The required Study Abroad component also, by definition, includes the development of cultural competencies as a product of living and studying outside of the US. 

B.A. World Languages and Cultures: French Concentration

The French Concentration is designed for students who are interested in the linguistics, history, and cultures of French-speaking countries. A student in the French Concentration will take many classes based around writing and speaking the language, along with three required French Cultural courses (which focus on geography, history, literature, and business) of the student's choice.

B.A. World Languages and Cultures: German Concentration 

Students in the German Concentration learn about the language and lifestyles of people from Germanic areas. Classes are based mainly around the development of communication skills, along with an understanding of the political, cultural, and economic makeup of both historical and modern Germany.

B.A. World Languages and Cultures: Spanish Concentration

Students in the Spanish Concentration will acquire conversational and written fluency in the Spanish language, as well as a sound foundation of knowledge related to Hispanic culture, heritage, and contemporary issues.

Distinctive Elements of the Mansfield University WLC Program

The defining feature of the World Languages and Cultures Program is its nine-credit minimum Study Abroad component, a significant requirement that sets MU's program apart from other modern language programs that typically feature optional study abroad experiences or a lower number of required study abroad credits.