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Tioga County Partnership for Community Health

The Tioga County Partnership for Community Health was established more than a decade ago by Mansfield University, the Laurel Health System, and the Tioga County Department of Human Services, with the support of many other agencies and organizations that share a concern with health promotion and disease prevention in the region. The Partnership's mission is to provide innovative leadership for improving the health and quality of life of individuals and communities in Tioga County.

Through the collaborative efforts of the Partnership, Mansfield University contributes to the long-term health and economic development of the region. With Partnership support, Mansfield employs a health data analyst who prepares reports on critical health issues that affect people and communities in the region.

Since its inception the Partnership has received nearly $4,000,000 in grant support for its varied health initiatives. The work of the Partnership is accomplished by a Board of Directors, an Executive Committee, and 16 work groups that target key health issues ranging from diabetes to drug, alcohol and tobacco use. The in-kind contributions of Partnership volunteers are worth over $182,000 annually. The current chairperson of the Partnership is Peter Keller, who is Mansfield's Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. He previously served as chair of the Partnership Planning Committee.

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