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Summer Session II Course Details

American Politics (PSC-2201-01)

  3.00 Undergraduate Credits
 This course has a limited number of seats available.
Course Term and Dates: Summer II (07/01/14 to 08/07/14)
Location: Manfield Universty Campus G-7 Retan Center
Meeting Days and Times: MON TUE WED THU
02:00PM to 04:30PM
Instructor: Dr. Jeffrey A. Bosworth
Prerequisites: NONE
Corequisites: NONE
Department: History, Phil & Pol Science
Course Description: An introductory course on the major institutions and processes of the U.S. political system. Topics discussed include the principles of governance, separation of powers, checks and balances, federalism, civil rights and liberties, and policy-making.

Courses with insufficient enrollment may be subject to cancellation