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Summer 2014 General Education Offerings

Summer '14 General Education Offerings for the Gateway Program (3 credits each)

HISTORY 1113: World Since 1900

The World since 1900 is a survey course whose focus is on the major themes and events of 20th century global history, particularly World War I, colonialism, World War II, and the Cold War.We also look at how the recent past has influenced the creation of contemporary unstable areas like North Korea and the Middle East.Class periods will consist of lecture, film viewing, and some discussion. Students will learn how to successfully write historical analyses, take useful notes in-class, critically read historical texts, and effectively use the online environment on D2L.

Political Science 2201: Introduction to American Government

This course introduces students to the basic features and processes of politics in the United States. As an introductory course, significant attention is given to the definition of basic political science concepts. We begin with an overview of the political system, its principles, and emphasize civil rights and civil liberties. We turn to a more detailed examination of political processes, such as public opinion, the media, parties, interest groups and voting. The last part emphasizes the formal institutions of government: Congress, the Presidency, the bureaucracy and the judicial system. We will explore and discuss various policy issues (such as healthcare, deficits, welfare spending, the distribution of wealth, etc.) throughout the entire course.

ART 1107: Global Art

A multicultural approach is taken in this course that integrates western and non-western traditions. This is pursued by an overview of the general history of image and form in painting, sculpture, ceramics, architecture, jewelry, etc. Through a thematic design, the course looks at visual creations from several angles encompassing the social, cultural, ethnic, historical, political, and gender.Investigate artistic issues of self, relative to body, race, gender and class, and in relationship to the environment, technology, entertainment and visual culture.

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