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Division of Student Life and Living

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Mr. Frank Crofchick
Dean of Students
327 Alumni Hall Student Center

Donna MinerMs. Donna Miner
Administrative Assistant
327B Alumni Hall Student Center

General Mailing Address:
Student Life Office
Alumni Hall Student Center
31 S. Academy Street
Mansfield, PA 16933

Fax: 570-662-4119

Division of Student Life and Living


The Department of Student Life and Living works in partnership with students and the university community to create a safe, supportive, and intellectually challenging learning environment.

Through its commitment to civility and mutual respect, our department enables students to develop leadership skills, clarify their values, appreciate and celebrate differences, become critical thinkers, solve problems, and work independently and interdependently.

Our quality programs, services, and educational activities continue to enhance learning and personal growth by complementing the academic efforts of the students. These programs are designed to assist all students in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a personally satisfying and effective life style in our complex society, along their path from Mansfield students to Mansfield University alumni. Shared governance contributes to creating engaged, involved students at Mansfield University, who depart to become active members of their neighborhoods, communities and society.

Our mission is to facilitate the personal and professional development of students by providing resources and opportunities that result in a successful learning environment. 

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