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Mary Beth Kollar

Director of Greek Life
319 Alumni Hall Student Center
Mansfield University
Mansfield, PA 16933


Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life:

320 Alumni Hall Student Center
Mansfield University
Mansfield, PA 16933

Office Hours:

1:00pm-4:00pm or by Appointment

Fraternity & Sorority Life

What is Greek Life all about?

Greek Week 2014

Greek Life at Mansfield University offers opportunities for:

Scholarship: As Greeks, we pride ourselves on high academic achievement. Our chapters hold their members to a high standard of excellence. Chances are you will meet someone that is in your major, someone that has had the professor before, or just someone to talk with about a class.

Friendship: As a member of the Greek community you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Forge lifelong friendships-Chances are you will meet someone that you instantly click with. You will meet people that are in your class, your major, possibly your hometown.
  2. Develop a career and personal network-Did you know that most of the top CEOs and influential leaders in the US are Greek? It’s true, people such as: Condoleeza Rice, Coretta Scott King, Kenny Chesney, Ronald Reagan, and many others are Greek!
  3. Develop friendships within your organization and across the country-As a member of a Greek organization, you will have the opportunity to attend a national convention of your organization. You get a chance to meet organizational leaders, possibly make policy decisions, or get a chance to share ideas with other chapters.

Leadership: At Mansfield University, Leadership is something that we take very seriously. As a member of a Greek Organization, you will have opportunities to run for positions both in your organization and on a governing council. Also, most of our Greek students are part of outside organizations such as: SGA, Mansfield Activities Council (MAC), WNTE, MUTV, among many others.

We encourage you to come check us out!

The Greek Mile


Mission Statement & Vision

The Mansfield University Greek Community strives to promote standards of excellence through leadership and service opportunities. We will provide a quality of life that ensures a safe undergraduate fraternal experience and enhances student development through active advising of student leaders. We will provide enrichment in academics, social interaction, and athletics while embracing diversity and the values of each organization. The Mansfield University Greek Community is committed to lifelong membership while empowering brotherhood and sisterhood in collaboration with the standards set by our educational institution.

The journey of a lifetime...starts with a single step