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Mansfield University... Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Strategic Plan MU2020

Strategic Plan MU2020


As Pennsylvania's premier public liberal arts institution, Mansfield University offers students a personalized education that emphasizes character development, scholarly growth, cultural awareness, and community service.  By preparing our students for productive careers and meaningful lives, we positively influence the world.


As Pennsylvania's only member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities (COPLAC), Mansfield University is the state's premier public liberal arts institution. We are committed to enhancing our identity as a small, distinctive, affordable alternative to private liberal arts colleges.

Goal 1: Student Success

Objective 1.1: Maintain Quality Academic Programs

Initiatives 1.1.1: Conduct annual assessments to confirm requisite quality in all programs

Initiatives 1.1.2: Develop undergraduate and graduate programs that highlight Mansfield’s distinctiveness

Initiatives 1.1.3: Embrace the liberal arts as our PASSHE identity and core emphasis in all programs

Initiatives 1.1.4: Integrate high-impact practices, such as service learning, leadership study, undergraduate research, and hands-on learning into all areas of the curriculum

Objective 1.2: Develop Leaders

Initiatives 1.2.1: Hone and continually market our leadership development identity

Initiatives 1.2.2: Develop the whole student by galvanizing the precepts of the Mansfield Creed…Character, Service, Culture and Scholarship …as the foundation for leadership

Goal 2: Resource Management

Objective 2.1: Review and Rebalance Student Enrollment

Initiatives 2.1.1: Safeguard our commitment to improving admissions standards while increasing enrollment in all sectors: regular admits, AALS students, transfer students, and graduate students

Initiatives 2.1.2: Increase 4 and 6 year graduation rates

Initiatives 2.1.3: Increase annual retention rates

Objective 2.2: Clearly Link Resources to University Mission

Initiatives 2.2.1: Institute a transparent and participatory budget process that aligns resources with University needs

Initiatives 2.2.2: Achieve measurable efficiencies through streamlined processes and improved communications

Initiatives 2.2.3: Identify, promote, implement, and effectively use up-to-date technologies

Initiatives 2.2.4: Maintain, enhance and utilize attractive, efficient, and functional spaces for learning and working environments

Goal 3: Strategic Engagement

Objective 3.1: Attract and Retain a Talented and Diverse Work Force

Initiatives 3.1.1: Become an employer of choice

Initiatives 3.1.2: Recognize staff and faculty who typify our Creed in the performance of their duties on campus and in support of our surrounding communities

Initiatives 3.1.3: Accentuate accountability across all efforts; recognize success

Initiatives 3.1.4: Increase employee engagement with students for improved retention

Initiatives 3.1.5: Increase support for the professional development of our employees

Objective 3.2: Build Stronger Community Relationships

Initiatives 3.2.1: Match student service learning projects with relevance to community needs and programs

Initiatives 3.2.2: Emphasize community involvement in the life of the University, including the future use of downtown property and enhanced relationships with organizations in the area

Initiatives 3.2.3: Increase partnerships and philanthropic support for MU

Objective 3.3: Foster an Atmosphere of Respect for Cultural, Social, and Personal Differences

Initiatives 3.3.1: Revisit and implement a university-wide Diversity Plan

Initiatives 3.3.2: Empower leadership development as a campus-wide commitment

Objective 3.4: Enhance Our Sense of the Mansfield University Community

Initiatives 3.4.1: Celebrate traditions that are distinctive to Mansfield University

Initiatives 3.4.2: Increase personal knowledge of our University and celebrate our success

Mansfield University is a proud member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC)

Pennsylvania's Premier Public Liberal Arts University