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Mansfield University... Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Strategic Planning Implementation Teams

Strategic Planning Implementation Teams

Strategic Plan MU2020



The following changes have been made the 2008-2013 Strategic Plan Implementation Teams:

  • Assessment - Transition to the Assessment Committee
  • Community Relations - Disbanded
  • Ensuring the Financial Stability - Disbanded
  • Ensuring Quality Faculty & Staff - Disbanded
  • Leadership as Our Brand - Transition to the Leadership Task Force
  • Liberal Arts as our Central Focus - Disbanded
  • Safe and Sustainable Environment - Transition to the Committee for a Safe and Sustainable Environment (CSSE)
  • Student Recruitment & Retention/Student Success - Transition to Retention Action Committee

In anticipation of the hire of a permanent University President and the need to develop a new strategic design, it is important for us to begin discussions about how to transition from this plan to the next. Dr. Adam Brennan has graciously agreed, once again, to work with us and will chair a team to begin this process. The University is in the process of forming a Strategic Plan Transition Team.

Strategic Plan 2008-2013 Design

The Mansfield University Strategic Plan is the road map that will guide the University’s journey through 2013. Mansfield University’s path will guide our students to fulfill their dreams and achieve professional and personal success as educated, responsible citizens.

The Strategic Plan was developed by an inclusive process that included faculty, staff, administrators, students, alumni, faculty emeriti, the Council of Trustees, the Foundation Board, the Alumni Board and the community. All campus and community constituents had many opportunities to provide their input. The result is a Strategic Plan that captures our culture, reinforces our mission, articulates our vision, and reflects the heart and pulse of our determination to provide an excellent, individualized education, leadership development, and growth of the whole person as a lifelong learner.

The plan presented herein is intended as a living document. It is offered to guide and focus the institution on critical issues believed to be of the greatest import to our future. This plan will impact our ability to lead through the delivery of excellent instruction and opportunity. We will emphasize partnership and service as a resource in our community to instill in our constituents a thirst for knowledge and a meaningful manner in which to contribute positively to the world.

The Strategic Planning Implementation Teams will be empowered to respond appropriately, developing, altering or reprioritizing the elements contained within this plan. These teams will meet with administration, providing progress reports which will be made available via the Mansfield University webpage.

We thank all those involved in the planning and implementation of Mansfield University’s Strategic Plan 2008-2013.

Strategic Plan Implementation Teams include:

  • Assessment
  • Community Relations
  • Ensuring the Financial Stability
  • Ensuring Quality Faculty & Staff
  • Leadership as Our Brand
  • Liberal Arts as our Central Focus
  • Safe and Sustainable Environment
  • Student Recruitment & Retention/Student Success