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General Education Program

"The general education program at Mansfield University embraces our position as a public university guided by the liberal arts tradition. General education courses throughout their Mansfield University career challenge students to seek an understanding of the world through an exploration of intellectual frameworks including the natural and social science, the humanities, the arts, languages, and mathematics."

"The general education program promotes character, scholarship, culture, and service through broad-based study in the liberal arts disciplines. Attributes we seek to foster include an inquiring mind, effective communication, use of varied means of seeking truth and acquiring knowledge, a sense of global connectedness, understanding and evaluation of multiple perspectives, ethical reasoning, the exercise of civic responsibility, and the lifelong pursuit of personal growth."

Students, when you embrace the general education program as something of value rather than merely a set of courses that you need to complete, you gain knowledge and skills, and begin to develop dispositions that are the hallmarks of a college-educated person. You also begin to view the world and live your life differently because a general education program, well-constructed and conscientiously pursued, challenges you.

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