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Dept. Secretary: Jocelyn Brion 
Phone: 570-662-4500
Hours: M - Th 8:00 - 4:15

Mansfield University Art Department
135 Stadium Drive
119 Allen Hall
Mansfield, PA 16933



 Michelle S

Ms. Michelle Schlegel - 2008 to present
Department Chairperson
Associate Professor
M.F.A. - I.A. Goddard College, VT
B.F.A. School of Art and Design NYSCC at Alfred University, NY
115 Allen Hall
Phone: 570-662-4504

 Alan B

Mr. Alan Bennett
M.F.A. Ceramics The Ohio State University
B.F.A. Arizona State University
016 Allen Hall
Phone: 570-662-4506

Martha C

Ms. Martha A. Campbell - 2007 to present
Assistant Professor
M.F.A - I.A. Goddard College, VT
B.F.A. SUNY Empire State College
114 Allen Hall
Phone: 570-662-4505

Kenneth C

Mr. Kenneth Cobb - 2011 to present
M.F.A. Painting, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL
B.F.A. Painting/Computer Art, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
011 Allen Hall
Phone: 570-662-45xx

Nicolas E



Dr. Bonnie Kutbay

Mr. Nicholas Economos - 2013 to present
Assistant Professor
M.F.A University of Oklahoma
B.F.A University of North Carolina
116 Allen Hall
Phone: 570-662-4508

Dr. Bonnie Lea Kutbay – 1990 to present
Ph.D. University of Toronto
M.A. Arizona State University, AZ
M.A. University of Colorado, CO
B.A. University of Colorado, CO
110 Allen Hall
Phone: 570-662-4507

Daniel R

Mr. Daniel Roemmelt - 2011 to present
Art Education Instructor
M.F.A. Elmira College, NY
B.F.A. Elmira College, NY| Hartford University, CT
011 Allen Hall
Phone: 570-662-4518

John S

Mr. John Shanchuk - 2010 to present
M.F.A. New Media, University of Kentucky, KY
B.S. Physics, University of Virginia, VA
016 Allen Hall
Phone: 570-662-4506

Adam V

Mr. Adam H. Veil - 2010 to present
Ph.D. Candidate, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
M.A., Penn State University, PA
B.A., Penn State University, PA

Martha NW Dr. Martha Whitehouse – 2000 to present
Associate Professor
Ph.D. Union Institute & University, OH
M.S.Ed. Fine Arts, Alfred University, NY
B.F.A. Mundelein College, IL
018 Allen Hall
Phone: 570-662-4503
Jocelyn B

Ms. Jocelyn Brion - 2013 to present
Administrative Assistant
119 Allen Hall
Phone: 570-662-4500



Dr. Stephen Bencetic
Dr. James Cecere
Mr. Ernest Frombach
Mr. Samuel D. Thomas
Mr. Dale Witherow
Mr. Thomas Loomis